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Insanealia Clip-On Strainer:

  • Quick Clip-On System– This kitchen strainer features strong colander clips that latch on pots, pans and dishware of all shapes/sizes to drain water, oil, or grease.
  • Compatible with All Dishware – Snap this hands-free strainer on to the edges of mixing bowls, skillets, frying pans, spaghetti pots, and all your favorite dishware.
  • Food-Grade Safe Silicone – Crafted with heat-resistant silicone, it can withstand up to 450° F making it perfect for ground beef, pasta, poultry, and hot dishes.
  • Essential Additions – Each spaghetti strainer also comes complete with a hot handle holder to keep hands safe and an e-Book cookbook with delicious recipes.
  • FDA-Approved Craftsmanship – Every Insanealia Clip-on Strainer is BPA free and crafted with FDA-approved materials; all backed by a 3-Year reliable warranty.

Clip-On Kitchen Pasta Pot Strainer with Easy Drain Spout by Insanealia

Ground beef strainer - Clip-On Kitchen Pot Strainer with Easy Drain Spout by Insanealia

Pot strainer Clip-On Kitchen Pot Strainer by Insanealia


Tea strainer - Clip-On Kitchen Pot Strainer by Insanealia

Kitchen strainer Clip-On Kitchen Pot Strainer with Easy Drain Spout

Clip-On Strainer by Insanealia Available on AMAZON.COM

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clip on strainer on amazon

What a great product!

Love this strainer! Leaves your hands free and is quick and easy!

What a great idea!

I’m Italian and love pasta. We are always cooking pasta like spaghetti, macaroni, and stuffed shells. But we also like to deep fry in our big pot. I always strain the oil out and put it back from in a container to use at a different time. Getting the big bulky strainer out to pour the pasta in and then wash is a bit time consuming. The Insanealia clip on strainer is so nice. It can clip onto anything like a bowl, frying pan, or pot of pasta. It is made of a flexible BPA free FDA approved silicone. It came in a bright green color that can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. Simply clips onto the pan, pot, or bowl your using. Is dishwasher safe but can also be washed by hand in soapy water. I even got a bonus hot handle holder in the same green color. I like this because it is small, durable, lightweight, easy to store and fun to use. Can be used in so many ways!

Love it!

Omg I am in love with this thing. For someone who hates extra dishes and limited on space this this is my future. Incredibly easy to clean. Takes up very little space. The handle cover is super bomb also works well with my Green Pan set and Rachel Ray set for sure

Five stars

I love this product, and extra fast shipping too.

This product far exceeded my expectation- So convenient and it works!

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It removes the need to use traditional colanders or large strainers, and if you are the type that loves to free up space and create less clutter in the kitchen, then this is your deal! Interestingly, this kitchen strainer is saving on washing for up to 10 different potsbowls, and pans (as the case may be). It is also made of a different color to match the rest of your cookware and utensils.


Kitchen Gadgets and Tools by Insanealia Available on AMAZON.COM

clip-on strainer on amazon