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russian piping tips

Insanealia Cake Decorating Kit:

  • Complete set (42 Pieces – 22 icing noozle tips) to start decorating like a professional baker;
  • Obtain amazing decorations for all your sweets (cakes, cupcakes, macarons and other cookies);
  • Fun and Easy to use for mothers, kids, and fathers;
  • FDA approved and High-Quality 304 stainless steel materials for a lifetime utilization;
  • Useful bonuses: Sphere Ball Tips, Leaf Tips, Reusable Silicone Bag, Pastry Disposable Bags, Silicone Cupcake Liners, Couplers and an Instruction Book. 
  • 3-Year warranty (or money back).

russian piping tips cake decorating supplies

russian piping tips cake decorating supplies

russian piping tips cake decorating supplies


More recipes for your new Russian Piping Tips / Cake Decorating Supplies.

RUSSIAN PIPING TIPS by Insanealia Available on AMAZON.COM


Russian Piping Tips


“1. Necessary tools for icing: Reusable silicone pastry bag; Single-color Coupler; Ring; Nozzle. Let`s put all together and see how it works!
2. Drop the coupler piece into your pastry bag. Make sure you place it as close as you can to the end of the bag.” Read more…


“1. I`ve used just 3 colors: yellow, pink and orange. To obtain them I`ve added to my buttercream composition, red colorant (for pink), yellow colorant (for yellow) and for orange, I`ve combined the red colorant with the yellow one.
2. Start by laying on your table a plastic wrap and add a uniform layer of yellow buttercream (I`ve used a spoon for this operation). ” Read more…


I have to say this product was among the few that meet all my expectations and are worth every dime spent. The bakery set gives value for money and it has transformed my amateur baking to Professional! The icing nozzles give perfect shaping and do not clog easily and the booklet basically tells you all you need to know. In this case all I can say is Perfection and Mouth Watering taste in one cupcake!

Great Product

I only baked boring cakes, you know those ones that stay brown. Sometimes I would put the icing on them but it gave me little joy cos I see all those cakes on TV and I wanted mine to look like those.

Getting so many baking supplies for $18 was an absolute bargain, and fast forward to just two days later, I’m going to bake my sister’s birthday cake.
Thanks guys, I got in time and in good condition too.

Awesome quality

Exactly what I needed to put some much needed decoration on my cupcakes and cake.
Super easy to use- with these piping tips set you do not need decorating skills. In less than 5 minutes of practice, you get the hang of it and pipe away. With constant practice I’ve been able to improve the on frosty consistency and heights.
The flowers look better on cupcakes in my opinion.
Easy to clean- excellent stainless steel quality.
Highly recommend.

Great tips for a Novice Baker!

I bought these cake tips to test out my skills in baking, and I have to say, I am very impressed! These came with 18 tips, which helped me to make every single kind of design imaginable, making me look like a really skilled baker to my family and friends, even though I can barely make a decent cupcake, haha!

When it comes to the product itself, it is a very durable item. The tips feel pretty study like they will not be bending anytime soon. The bag that comes with it is also very nice and is pretty sturdy. I like how it even comes with cupcake holders (For my slightly burnt cupcakes, lol!)

This is a very well put together package that will help with any novice baker! Five stars!

Also Available on AMAZON.COM

Insanealia Cake Decorating Supplies Available on AMAZON.COM

Russian Piping Tips

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